Impact Investment

JMK's Impact

JMK is looking for investments in Venture Capital, with a dual predefined purpose of socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable startups with compelling financial returns.

Through both an international network and local experts, JMK will provide long-term equity from seed to growth stages. We complement our financial investments with strategic and technical assistance to support the growth, development and impact of our future portfolio companies.

JMK will invest in early-stage social and green startups. 

We target startups with a proof of concept that have the ambition and potential of becoming market leaders in their markets. As we origin from the real estate sector we are a patient venture investor (5 to 7 years).we are flexible and open minded by using financing tools tailored for startups: from minority shares to convertible bonds.

We target as well successful SMEs in high growth markets, which have proven business models. Strong and experienced management teams are essential for future growth.
We support their development and scaling-up through long-term capital. We invest with the aim of owning minority interest. 

On the way to implement an investment we will use a methodology which is composed of a complete financial analysis of portfolio companies, grasping their business model, the added value of the solution, market opportunities, financial stability and growth perspective.


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