JMK Holdings Gmbh

Maximising opportunity, together

Who is JMK?

JMK Holdings GmbH is a family owned company dealing with residential real-estate assets across a diverse range of markets. We are supported by strong local partners and excellent service providers in each investment we make.

We work closely with our partners to develop long-term strategic relationships, align goals, and meet requirements.

We identify and execute deals based on personalised info and local partner networks.

Partners can rest assured their conditions will be met with JMK’s unique contribution brought into the mix.

We work in Montenegro Mexico Lebanon

We deliver compounding returns with our partners by significant participation in emerging markets.

We reliably reapply a bottom-up fundamental investment approach to both long- and short-term investments.

We align with our partners in every venture, tailoring the JMK strategy to every co-investor’s predefined criteria.

We know operated markets intimately, thereby enabling tailored solutions for a diverse range of sophisticated investors.