Impact Invest­ment

JMK's Impact

Impact Investing is the process of intentionally making investments, in order to earn a positive financial return, while making an impact on the environment or society. This domain allows investors to promote a sustainable future, without compromising the potential to generate returns.

JMK invests in Venture Capital. We aim to participate as a significant minority shareholder. Deal Flow: We get leads on interesting and relevant investment opportunities from the AWS – Austria Wirtschaft Services, This service helps us create a concise and constantly upgrading deal flow, and allows us to always be involved with the top up and coming companies.

Criteria for Investments in Target Companies:


Seed to Round A Stage – We Make Both Pre and Post Revenue Investments


Strong Management, Preferable with a Detailed Track Record, but we also do First Timers


Clear Vision and Business Plan


Exit between 5-7 years


Creative and New Concepts, Preferably with IP Protection


In-Depth Sector Experience


Community of Like-Minded People